Because of COVID-19, a lot of people are working from home. While this has some benefits, many of us realise that ‘live’ connections between people are essential and can often be energising and inspiring. Business Games is a company that specialises in bringing people together and let them solve challenging assignments together in a live game. If you are looking at ways to get your people re-energised once this crisis subsides, get in touch so we can start preparing something for you.

PC Hart – Managing Director Middle East

‘Business Games to improve your team and company’

Based on the notion ‘experience is your best teacher’ we organise interactive, live Business Games for communication and learning projects, employer branding, process and change management and teambuilding. Unique concepts that challenge and inspire the participants, hold a mirror before them, awaken consciousness and instil energy. We are the place for both profit and non-profit organisations to come for an informative, creative and innovative event in the form of proven, successful games and customized projects in multiple languages. Check out the possibilities online or contact us for an offer without obligation.

Our clients

Serious Business Games

Our Business Games work based on proven models that we’ve developed over the 15 years we’ve been in business. We can customize a business game relatively quickly by adding your content. In this way, you play a unique business game with precisely the goal you have in mind and with content made to measure. So that you’re clear on what sorts of business games we have and what the possibilities are, we apply the following categories:

Examples of customized Business Games

Since founding our company in 2002, we have been able to work for a large variety of customers. With various proven game models, we are in a position to quickly develop a Business Game made to measure. Check out a few customized cases that we’ve been able to run for our customers here.

Why choose for Business Games?

  • Over 18 years of experience
  • Professional guidance
  • Unique concepts
  • Customized to your company
  • References from 300+ companies
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